In a world where social distancing is the top priority, RVs are the travelers’ new homes. And why not? These vehicles act as bio-secure bubbles that keep you safe and isolated from the world while offering a fully luxurious travel experience.
Owning an RV enables you to take your bathroom and sleeping arrangements with you to wherever you want to go. RVs can make your life so much easier while you travel the world. Forget postponing your plan or investing in arranging a highly expensive trip to be safe. To travel the world freely in the present scenario, all you must do is import an RV from Japan.

This desire brings our minds to question what RV to import from Japan?
We have a two-word answer to this: Camper Vans.

Benefits of Buying Campervans:

  1. Starting travel in a campervan is like moving into a new portable house.
  2. Campervans give you more direct access to where you want to go, and you can make a stop absolutely wherever you want.
  3. Buying a campervan from Japan is your cheapest shot at owning a home-on-the-wheels.
  4. Campervans from Japan can hold the necessities a traveler may need on the road like a bed, kitchen, and amenities like wall-mounted TVs.
  5. The best part is that, with little extra money, you can buy campervans from Japan that come with a private toilet, shower, and reasonably comforting space.

How to buy Camper homes from Japan?

Japan is undoubtedly the best place to search for your dream RV. From mini to small, medium to large, luxurious to simple, spacious to compact – the country houses all types of motorhomes. Based on personal preference, travelers can also choose between diesel or petrol, 2wd or 4wd, automatic or manual, campers without a toilet or toilet or toilet plus shower, cooking range or no cooking range, etc.

RVs from Japan – Import Details:
New motorhomes are extremely expensive and can send your budget into a tailspin. However, instead of letting your dream go, you can make a terrific financial decision and buy used RVs from Japan. It should be noted that each used campervan from Japan is well maintained and well cared for, boasts a high quality and very low km. The tight budget will no longer stop you from owning an RV. You can import your camper home from Japan at a minimum of 12,000 US$ to a maximum of 35,000 US$. The amount includes ocean freight too! Importing an RV from Japan also comes with little restrictions. The only condition is that the vehicle must be 25 years old (to the month), starting from its production date, when it lands at the USA port.

Where to buy Campervans from Japan?

Gazooba is your one-stop shop to motor homes that do not break the bank. We bring you a variety of camper home options. Pick any RV from Japan, and we can get it shipped to your desired port in the USA. Gazooba aims to provide you with a dream travel vehicle that lets you fully control and enjoy your vacation. Ready to turn your travel desires into reality? Contact Gazooba LLC today for more details. Check out our website or send us an email at [email protected]. We would love to add value to your travel experience by bringing you ideal portable homes for anywhere and everywhere.