Toyota Corolla is the best sold vehicle in the world, it is more than fun to drive. It has a simple yet attractive style of its own that speaks for itself.  This car has little of something for everyone.  Toyota Corolla has been winning 5 stars for safety throughout the years. This vehicle is popular because of its simple design, affordable price, fuel efficiency, ample luggage space and its comfort. It is the best choice for office workers who drive cars from one point to another, taxi drivers, rent-a-car companies, but in particular for housewives due to its just-the-right-size.  It is often called a Chick Car.

Types of Toyota Corolla

There have been several models and styles introduced in Corolla over the years which has earned this vehicle a huge popularity all over the world.  It comes in sedan, hatchback, van, station wagon, 2wd and 4wd, and different fuels like diesel and petrol and now the hybrid. Some popular types of Corollas in the past and the present are Corolla II, Corolla Runx, Corolla Spacio, Corolla Rumion, Corolla Fielder, Corolla Van and Corolla Axio.  Toyota Corolla Axio remains the most wanted car in the world.

How to Import Toyota Corolla from Japan

There are many legitimate used car exporters in Japan but we suggest you deal with JUMVEA member companies for authentic deals and to avoid any unexpected surprises or a car fraud.  Once a JUMVEA member, you are rest assured that your money is in the safe hands.

Buying a Toyota Corolla is easy.  Your exporter will buy it directly from the used car auction or through a Toyota dealer who trades-in old cars when he sells a new car.  We suggest you should not buy a car previously owned by a leasing company or a rent a car company. Such cars not only have very high mileage but these cars are roughly used and most of the time have a dirty interior, nearly blown up engines and rust under the hood. 

Good thing is that Corolla cars are in abundance in auctions and your car exporter can choose the very best for you from the heaps available for sale.

Once the car has been purchased, it will require a pre-export inspection depending on the destination because some countries require the car to be inspected before shipping. For other countries shipping is not required. From this point, the car is delivered to the port with an invoice to the shipping agent, booking is done by the first available ship and car leaves for your destination in one week, two weeks or a bit longer, depending on how many ships sail to your destination.

Used Toyota Corolla for Sale

Our company has dealt in a huge number of Corolla cars with satisfied clients all over the world.  We can ship these cars packed in containers, or ship by Ro-Ro, and we can also send half cuts of Toyota Corolla in containers to your destination. All jobs are done at our own dismantling yard and we do not outsource the work. This helps us to keep the costs low.
We hope this article helps importers who wish to import used Toyota Corolla from Japan. If you need more information or simply wish to place an order, please visit our website at or contact us at: [email protected]   For swift response, contact us at Whatsapp:  +81 90 8832 662