Trinidad and Tobago is a country in the Caribbean area that comprises two islands, Trinidad and Tobago. It is one of the prosperous and well heeled countries in the Americas with highest per capita income after the US and Canada.  Automotive market here is very dynamic and active and there is a growing demand for opulent and expensive cars.

Used Car Import Regulations in Trinidad and Tobago

The Government of Trinidad and Tobago has introduced some roadblocks in the import of used cars.  First a car needs to be within 4 years of age. Cars older than 4 years old are not allowed to import.  If the vehicle is to be used as a Taxi, it must not be older than 3 years of age from the date of its manufacture.

Here people drive cars on the left side of the road with steering wheels on the right side, therefore, cars from Japan have huge demand here, Japan being a right hand drive country too. 

Cars are imported to the Port of Spain in Trinidad and Tobago. Cars can be sent by Ro-Ro or by Containers, as per customers choice.  Ro-Ro is the cheapest and a preferred method of shipping unless you are buying many cars in which case, sometimes the Container can be cheaper means of shipping. Container vessels sail on a weekly basis, while Ro-Ro ships are available once a month.  It takes 4 weeks for the ship to arrive at the Port of Spain once it has left Japan waters.

Pre-export Inspection is not required to ship the vehicle.

Documents needed to Import Cars to Trinidad and Tobago

All you need to import a used car from Japan is the following set of documents:

  • Commercial Invoice from the Shipper
  • Bill of Lading 3 Copies in original 
  • Export Certificate in original
  • Insurance Certificate, if the car was insured

Popular Used Cars in Trinidad and Tobago

All sorts of makes and models can be found on the roads in Trinidad and Tobago but 80% of the vehicles are from Asia.  Korean cars have demand but the most approved and preferred choice of consumers is for Japanese models. With Nissan being on the top, Toyota, Honda and Mazda also have notable demand.

Some of the popular cars are Nissan Note, Nissan Wingroad, Toyota Landcruiser Prado, Toyota Corolla Axio, Toyota Corolla Fielder, Mazda Axella, Honda CR-V, Honda Vezel, to name a few. 

Those looking for opulent and expensive models go for Benz, BMW, Audi, and Volkswagen and these vehicles can be found in Japan auctions in heaps, mostly in right hand drive which is perfect for Trinidad and Tobago market.

How to Import a Used Car from Japan to Trinidad and Tobago

Importing a used vehicle from Japan can be a hassle-free process and quite fun if you are dealing with the right exporting company. It is highly recommended to deal with JUMVEA members who are all legitimate registered car dealers and you can rest assured that your money will be 100% safe if you deal with JUMVEA member companies.

Once you have chosen your car exporter, he will buy the car that exactly matches your requirements of make, model, year, color and extras (options). Once a car has been purchased, it is directly sent to the port for loading on the ship. If you are buying multiple cars, and prefer the shipment to be made by container, your shipper will arrange container vanning and send the container to the shipping port.  From there, it will be shipped by the first available ship. And documents will be sent by Courier. 

We hope this article was helpful to explain the used car imports to Trinidad and Tobago. If you have any questions, or you would like to place an order, we at GAZOOBA LLC, can help you with all your automotive needs. We are a JUMVEA member and an authentic car exporter. We promise high quality, most cheapest prices and all our efforts are focused around client’s total satisfaction.

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