Jamaica is an island country. It was a British colony before it got independence in 1962. Because it was an Overseas British Territory, people drive cars on the left side of the road just like people do in the United Kingdom. This means that most of the cars have steering wheels on the right side of the car, we call it right hand drive cars. Import of left hand drive cars is also allowed in the country, but it is difficult and unsafe to drive such cars.

Japanese Used Cars

Japan is also a right-hand drive country so it makes Japanese cars very popular in Jamaica. Another reason for the popularity of Japanese vehicles is their low cost, low fuel requirements, and long-lasting life. Japanese cars come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and buyers can choose the type that best suits their needs.

Demand of Used Cars in Jamaica

Jamaica is the 35th most densely populated country in the world. Public transportation is poor and consists of busses, minibuses and taxis. Transportation by buses is over crowded and not safe.  Taxis are expensive but still very popular because of the rise in tourism in the country.  Jamaican government took strict measures to severely punish crimes against tourists and this made Jamaica a safe place to visit. Tourism business is booming in Jamaica and this means more demand for buses, mini-coaches and cars from Japan. Economic conditions and standard of living is improving which means Jamaicans can afford to import their own cars from Japan. Road conditions have improved a lot and this enhanced the accessibility to far places, specially in the mountain areas, this means more need to import used cars.

Popular Japanese Cars in Jamaica

Jamaica imports all makes and different models from Japan. Following are the 6 most popular models of Japanese Used Cars in Jamaica.

Toyota Corolla Axio

Corolla is the most desired car everywhere in the world and Jamaica is no exception. Corolla comes in many different types. Axio is the most popular car in Jamaica. It is a 5 door medium class sedan with elegant design and ample space for a family of 5. It has enough room for luggage in the trunk.  This car comes in 1500cc, fuel consumption is very efficient. Axio is a choice whether one drives locally inside the city or uses it for a long drive.

Toyota Probox

Probox Van is a 5 seater station wagon with extended space for luggage in the back. Its second row seats are foldable and this creates more space for luggage when extra space for goods is required.  This serves the purpose of a passenger car plus a commercial vehicle. It is popular among medium sized traders and shop owners to bring or deliver goods. It can also be used for rent-a-car or taxi purposes because tourists come to Jamaica with huge luggage and a Probox van can be the best choice for such tourists.

Toyota Voxy

Voxy comes with 7 or 8 seats, high-roof and is the most demanded Multi-Purpose-Vehicle in Jamaica. With a 2 liter engine that comes in 2wd and 4wd, this is the best choice for large families or travellers driving to far regions.

Toyota Mark X

Mark X specially in 2.5 liter in new shape is getting more popularity due to its modern design. It is a luxury sedan, comes with a powerful engine, and is one of the top imported used cars from Japan

Honda Fit

Also called Honda Jazz has gained its popularity worldwide.  Honda Fit is the first choice for local drive and small families. It is highly fuel efficient and is a 5 door hatchback.

Other popular cars in Jamaica include Toyota Crown Royal Saloon, Toyota Camry, Toyota Premio, Toyota Vitz, Toyota Wish, Honda CR-V, Nissan AD Van, Nissan X-Trail.

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