Although right-hand drive vehicles might feel unfamiliar if you are from a country where they are not used, they are perfectly safe and possibly more familiar than you think. Even in left-hand drive countries, postal and courier vehicles are right-hand drive. The safety statistics of right-hand drive vehicles also are equal to those of left-hand drive vehicles. In addition to that, there are several other benefits of a right-hand drive vehicle.


  • Mini trucks provide a greater amount of safety for delivery drivers, as they do not have get out of their vehicle into oncoming traffic or wait for a break in traffic to get back in.
  • Mini trucks are easier to parallel park because you have a better view of the vehicles in your area and the curb.


  • It is more difficult to order and receive food in a drive-through because the speaker and windows at fast food restaurants will be on the other side.

To adjust to a right-hand drive mini truck, all a driver has to do is practice, starting in an empty parking lot or wide open space and then hitting the road and spending a little extra time on left-hand turns and passing other vehicles.

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