The demand for Japanese cars in the UK has been on the rise for a very long time. Used Japanese cars have a huge market and they’re regularly bought and sold in the UK. They’re an economical solution to cater to the needs of individuals throughout the country. With increasing daily expenses, people are opting for used Japanese cars as they’re considered more affordable to them. Not only are they affordable, but they also prove to be efficient based on the unique features that they possess.

Considering the high demand of these used cars, people have also started investing in the auto parts of these used cars. They import dismantled cars to the UK to start the business of selling auto parts to people who use Japanese used cars. 

With such high demands, how do these cars make it to the UK? The short answer is that there are auctions held that allow individuals to bid for particular cars that they want and those are shipped to them. However, the process is not entirely simple. Once bids are placed, the highest bidder wins the auction and gets the desired car. The transportation details come in later. 

Clean vs. Damaged Cars

Depending on the buyer’s preference, either a clean car is imported or a car that is subject to some sort of damages. This choice is entirely on the buyer. Damaged cars bid cheaper as compared to clean cars. Keep in mind that they’re both used cars. 

There are two different ways to process the shipment of these cars. Through Roll on Roll off ships, usually referred to as Ro-Ro, or using containers. Ro-Ro ships work differently than the normal containers method; they sail every 10 days, delivery the vehicle to the UK at most after 4 weeks since leaving Japan. Ro-Ro ships only deliver clean cars and don’t deal with damaged cars at all. 

Damaged cars are imported using the container process. This is also extremely effective and the size and pricing of the containers are economical.

How To Import Dismantled Cars And Auto Parts To UK

Intact cars aren’t the only things being imported to the UK, dismantled cars and auto parts are also imported in equal amounts if not more. The process of importing these items is very similar to that of importing damaged cars. Ro-Ro ships do not deal in damaged or dismantled cars, so that’s out of the option. 

Containers are used to transport the items to the UK through ships. These containers come in different sizes, depending on the type of car or the number of units required. Importing two cars will cost you around $600, whereas if you go up 6 cars per container, your cost will be $1200.  An auction website offers a great system through which such items can be imported to the UK. They provide the cheapest and efficient form of transportation for your cars and auto parts from Japan. They’re also experts in dismantling cars for you, so if you’re interested in anything similar, you know where to go!

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