Are you in the import business of used auto parts and need a container of JDM car parts shipped directly from Japan at the right price?  You have come to a right place.

We are your one-stop source to buy car parts at cheapest possible prices.  You should’nt pay more to buy JDM parts.

All makes and models, personal use cars to commercial vans and trucks,  we deal in all types.

Our salvage and dismantling yard is based in Gunma Prefecture, Japan with capacity of 300 cars stock space.  Our office is located in Tokyo and we can successfully manage to deliver parts worldwide.

You can buy cars for dismantling from auctions in Japan. We can help you buy your cars.  There is a salvage car corner in all auction houses in Japan. There is an auction house that deals only with salvage and accident / damaged cars.  We can also collect cars through the network of local car brokers to avoid auction fees.  All cars are thoroughly examined before purchase. We do not deal in flood damaged cars or stolen vehicles.  All vehicles we purchase come with clean title.

We can then cut these cars as per your specifications.  Roof Cuts, Nose Cuts, Half Cuts, you name it and our trained professional staff can perform the job to the best of your satisfaction.

If you do not want certain parts from the car, we can leave those parts and load in the container just the parts you require.  We do not outsource container loading and all the job is performed in our Gunma Yard.  Container vanning is also done in professional manner to ensure the parts are not damaged during the transit.

We then ship your container to your desired destination.

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