Situated in the Caribbean Sea, Jamaica is an island country. Kingston is the capital and the largest city. Jamaica is a right-hand drive country and people drive cars with steering wheels on the right side and they drive their cars on the left side of the road.

Japanese cars are very popular and Jamaica imports a considerable number of used vehicles from Japan. Cars must be inspected for quality before export. Import of used vehicles in the right hand drive are allowed as long as the cars are not more than 5 years old.

But some car dealers own special permits that allow them to import cars not exceeding 9 years.

From Japan to Jamaica, cars can be exported by Roll-on Roll-off, or via containers. The most preferred method is Ro Ro. Container vessels to Jamaica are available on the weekly basis. Ro Ro ships sail every 15 days. Most common destination is Kingston port but some prefer the Montego Freeport in Montego Bay.

Popular cars in Jamaica

Popular imports are Toyota Axio, Toyota Premio, Toyota Wish, Toyota Mark X, Toyota Probox, Honda CR-V, Mazda Demio, Nissan X-trail, and many more. Although many car exporters in Japan also deal in pre-damaged and repaired cars, it is advisable to deal in clean vehicles with no damage history, no rust, and perfect engine and mechanical condition. Pre-shipment Inspection for ro4 Jamaica is very strict and unless the car is not in mint condition, one ends up in huge costs in repair and re-inspection costs, not to mention the time loss.

Shipping cars from Japan to Jamaica

Exporting used cars from Japan to Jamaica is easy if the exporter is familiar with all the export rules. Once the car is purchased from Auction, it is sent to the Inspection center for testing. A good quality car should have no problem in clearing the test. It takes less than 30 minutes to get the car inspected. After inspection is done, the car is sent to the port and it is ready for the shipment. It takes from 25 to 35 days for the ship to arrive at the Jamaican port once it has left the Japan sea.

More info on cars to Jamaica

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