Japanese cars have made their prominence all over the world with their production of high-quality vehicles. The demand of Japanese produced cars is not restricted to a particular country. It’s vastly demanded by individuals and companies from different parts of the world.

Somalia comes under the same category. The import of Japanese used cars is highly common because of the level of development in this country. There are high poverty levels and a generally uneven distribution of wealth. Due to these reasons, citizens of Somalia aren’t able to purchase newly manufactured cars. The demand lies higher for used Japanese cars as they’re cheaper and come in excellent condition. 

There are certain cities in which the demand for these cars are the highest. These include the likes of Merca, Jamaame, Kismayo, Berbera, and Mogadishu.

What are the ways to import used Japanese cars? 

Importing Japanese cars to Somalia is fairly simple and extremely common. You can see a variety of these cars in the country as they’re easy to procure through various channels. 

  • Middlemen enabling imports

Usually, there are middlemen in play in supplying these Japanese used cars to the people of Somalia. It’s a known fact that these middlemen are commonly found in the areas of the Middle East. Suppliers contact these middlemen that then contact Somalian locals to continue with the transaction. This shows that the local Somalian doesn’t have a direct relation or contact with the sellers of Japanese used cars.

  • Dismantled Cars to Somalia

More often than not, Japanese used-cars sellers send dismantled cars to Somalia. This is mostly because buyers want to purchase spare parts of these cars. The cost of shipping dismantled cars is lower than shipping an entire car itself. This allows buyers to purchase more parts in the same amount of money. 

  • Auto-parts to Somalia 

Auto-parts play a huge role in Somalia’s automotive industry. There is a huge demand for Japanese used cars throughout the country leading to a higher demand for their parts. Individuals import auto-parts of Japanese used cars to further sell them. This has created a business market for many people as they sell auto-parts to people using Japanese cars. 

  • Auctions

A recently hyped and highly used method to procure Japanese used cars in Somalia is through a bidding process. Many online platforms provide this service to individuals so they can come into direct contact with the person selling. Buyers get a clear view of what the car they want looks like and get a cheaper price for it. It’s been a highly effective form of purchasing Japanese used cars in Somalia. 

Amongst the many auction platforms available, Gazooba has taken the market by storm. You can easily set up a profile on their online website and start bidding for the car that you want. They sell Japanese used cars of the finest quality and their prices are significantly lower than what is available in the market.  Not only do they ensure quality but they’re cost-effective as they make sure that the container chargers are economical. Importing used cars from Japan to Somalia has never been easier. 

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