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Japan Mini Trucks in Left Hand Drive

Canada allows the import of mini trucks / Kei trucks from Japan that are 15 years old. USA allows the import of mini trucks that are 25 years old. And 21 States of USA even allow the

And there are many export companies in Japan that deal in the export of mini trucks of all makes such as Suzuki, Subaru, Daihatsu, Mitsubishi, and Honda.

Our company GAZOOBA also supply all makes and models of mini trucks from Japan is 2WD and 4WD, flatbed trucks and dump trucks in mint condition at reasonable prices.

What makes us different from other exporters is that we can convert trucks into the left hand drive, i.e., to convert the steering wheel from the right side to the left side.

Conversion is of high quality and we only use genuine parts.

Many car exporters tried to offer the wheel conversion services but most of them failed. The reason for their failure was either the lack of trained labor who could deliver the quality work or difficulty in finding genuine parts for the conversion.

Conversion seems to be an easy task but if not done right, it can be dangerous to drive such vehicles. GAZOOBA prides itself on offering quality wheel conversion services, using genuine parts, in a timely fashion and with a reasonable cost.

We also offer direct access to all the auction houses in Japan to our importers in the overseas who can select their choice of trucks and GAZOOBA can do the proxy bidding.

GAZOOBA can help you in buying quality trucks at reasonable prices and ship these to Canada or the USA by Ro-Ro or via container, either in the right-hand drive or get these converted in left-hand drive and export to your desired destination port.

If you are already dealing with an exporter and are happy with their services, you can keep buying vehicles from your contacts in Japan and still have them converted through us at GAZOOBA.

We also own our own container loading yard and a dismantling yard in Japan. We can supply you mini truck parts or dismantle trucks as per your instructions and export all parts in bulk.

Please feel free to contact GAZOOBA to discuss various options. You can visit our website at or contact us at [email protected]

Or you can reach us via WhatsApp at: +81 90 8832 6621

How to import a used mini truck to Canada

Canada allows the import of mini trucks as long as they are 15 years of age or more from the date of their production.

The import process of classic mini trucks from Japan to Canada and their registration in Canada is very easy.

In order to import a used mini-truck or a minivan from Japan to Canada, all you need is a reliable Japanese car exporter who can offer you a hassle-free deal, find you a quality truck and close the deal at the right price.

Your exporter in Japan can find you plenty of mini trucks and vans but extreme care is required to ensure there is no rust built in the suspension, under the hood or especially inside the engine. Most of the trucks that are sold in Hokkaido, Niigata, and Toyama area have lots of rust built due to the heavy snowfall in these regions. Not every home or business has a covered garage and most of these vehicles are parked outside in the open and therefore heavy snowfall damages the car performance by building the rust that is impossible to get rid of. Small rust on the body is acceptable, after all, we are talking about the trucks and vans that are 15 years or more in age.

It is the moral responsibility of your exporter to disclose the true condition of the vehicle to you, in order to avoid any unhappy surprises once the vehicle has reached its final destination port in Canada.

Here it is worthy to mention that the auction grades, unfortunately, are unreliable. They are just an indication but do not reveal the true condition of the vehicle. We have seen many 3.5 grade vehicles or damaged but repaired vehicles in excellent condition whereas on many occasions we have experienced a 4.5-grade vehicle to be full of rust, or with a crack in the front screen, or engine in the worst condition.

Your whole focus, therefore, needs to be on choosing the car exporter who knows how to check the vehicle and who has high moral and ethical values to reveal the condition of the vehicle to his clients.

It is also important to mention here that some car importers in Canada lost their money by dealing with con dealers in Japan. They were promised a quality vehicle and they even paid money in advance but never received their vehicle. There are others who were promised conversion of their trucks into left-hand drive but when they received the trucks, they were surprised to find these in original form with no conversion, although they paid in advance the conversion money too. Some had to wait for more than one year to receive their shipment.

The question is: How to find the right exporter in Japan to avoid all the troubles mentioned above. We suggest you deal with companies that are members of JUMVEA, Japan Used Motor Vehicle Exporters Association. JUMVEA has a strict process before they allow their membership to car dealers and exporters. And if things go wrong, there are severe consequences and JUMVEA will help resolve the problem.

We feel pleasure to introduce our company GAZOOBA as an authentic used mini trucks and vans exporter in Japan, we are a proud member of JUMVEA, we know the Canadian market, we can provide you direct access to auto auction houses in Japan, our staff can personally visit auctions to thoroughly examine the quality of the vehicle before placing the bid, and we can also source flat body trucks, dump trucks, and minivans, in 2wd or 4wd, direct from
Suzuki, Daihatsu, Subaru, Mitsubishi, and Honda dealers.

We have our own container loading/vanning and dismantling yard. We do not outsource our work and this means we can transfer the savings to our valued clients in Canada.

We can also convert classic mini trucks and vans into left-hand drive. This means steering wheel conversion from the right side to the left side. We use genuine parts during conversion and we assure quality steering wheel conversion.

GAZOOBA can ship the cars to any destination in Canada by Roll on Roll off method or via Containers, as per your choice.

At GAZOOBA, all work from purchase to conversion in left-hand drive, to container loading and shipment is done within the promised time frame and at a very reasonable cost. If you do not want the trucks to be converted in left-hand drive, we have no problem in exporting these in the right-hand drive. The choice is always yours.

If you are already doing business with other Japanese companies and are happy with your dealings, we can still offer you the steering wheel conversions, however, instead, if GAZOOBA buys and converts and exports, we are pretty confident we can do the whole job in the most economical way.

GAZOOBA does not charge you hidden commissions, and we do not charge our clients the Sales Tax and Recycle Cost of the vehicle because these two are refunded to us after we have exported the vehicle overseas.

For regular clients who buy in bulk, we can offer reconditioning and repainting facility.

Feel free to ask any info you may require. We respond to all inquiries in less than 24 hours.

GAZOOBA is open 24 hours a day, and we work 7 days a week.

Contact us at [email protected] or visit our site at You can also contact us via WhatsApp at: +81 90 8832 6621

Kei Trucks Japan / Mini Trucks Japan

Kei is a Japanese word meaning light (light in weight). Kei Truck therefore means a mini truck, micro truck or a light truck. Kei Vehicles in Japan have yellow number plates on them. The yellow plate is a symbol or light vehicles that are below 1,000 cc, mostly 550 ~ 660 cc. These trucks are available in RWD or 4WD version.

Kei trucks that are 25 years old can be imported and registered in USA without much complications. There is also an exception to this rule. 21 States allow mini trucks of any age to be imported as off-road vehicles. These vehicles are very popular in the USA because people like to drive the types of vehicles that are foreign made and are unique in shape, size, and design. These trucks are cheap to buy, fuel-efficient and can be used for commercial or household purposes.

Kei trucks come in 2 doors, 2 seats with a maximum loading capacity of 350 kg. Kei trucks can be found in 550 to 660 cc and there are flat body trucks and also the dump trucks. Hydraulic dump trucks make the unloading very easy.

GAZOOBA exports all kinds of mini trucks from Japan. Types available are Honda Acty, Suzuki Carry, Mitsubishi Minicab, Subaru Sambar and Daihatsu Hijet.

Kei Trucks are also classified as UTV or ATV as they are quite similar to the off-road vehicles. But GAZOOBA exports mini trucks to USA that can be driven off-road or on-road vehicles.

Also available are Kei Vans or Minivans, with 5 seat capacity and with ample space behind the rear seat for luggage or goods. These are mostly used as people carriers by construction companies, hotels, golf courses and so on.

The main issue with importing Kei trucks from Japan is the rust. If there is rust built in the suspension or engine, GAZOOBA does not deal in such vehicles. Body rust to some extent is not avoidable, rather understandable and acceptable, after all, we are talking about vehicles that are at least 25 years old.

Kei trucks can luckily be found in very low mileage and mint condition. Our staff thoroughly examines all trucks and vans before we buy these for our valued clients in the USA and other countries.

We not only export classic Kei trucks but also deal in used parts and engines. We can export a single part or export dismantled trucks in bulk.

Reconditioning of Kei trucks, a repaint can also be carried out at our own facility in Japan for an extra cost. If you are a regular importer, feel free to discuss your custom needs. GAZOOBA will do its best to accommodate all your needs at minimum possible cost.

Depending on the destination, classic mini trucks can be exported via 40ft dry containers or via roll-on roll-off ships, or both. To certain destinations, Ro-Ro is cheaper than containers.

We can also introduce our importers a clearing agent in the USA that deals in shipments to all ports in the United States and helps you deliver your trucks and consignment to any destination inside the USA.

GAZOOBA offers you direct access to all auction houses to browse the stock and bid on your behalf to buy your choice of classic trucks and vans for a small proxy bidding fee. We can also buy such trucks direct from Honda, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Daihatsu, and Subaru dealers.

Buy good quality mini trucks, buy from a reliable company, buy at the right price and buy with confidence. But at GAZOOBA. We promise to make your Kei truck import experience hassle-free and fun.

Contact us for more info at [email protected] or visit our site at

Car Dismantling Japan

For those who are in the auto parts business, buying used engines and used parts from salvage yards in Japan can be pretty expensive. Dismantling a whole vehicle based on client’s specifications is an extremely cost effective method when compared to purchasing engines and parts separately.

Take advantage of GAZOOBA’s service of dismantling vehicles. Our professional staff can dismantle any type of vehicle. All sorts of dismantling e.g., complete knock down, half cuts, nose cuts, three cuts is possible. To satisfy each customer’s needs, custom dismantling is done by the request of the buyer. Car dismantling is a complicated process so we pay close attention to every detail so that the job gets done the right way.

GAZOOBA is a pioneer in providing quality dismantling and cutting cars and shipping worldwide.

We can buy cars, dismantle as per your instructions, load into a container and ship to any location you designate in a very cost effective manner.

You can buy a clean or a damaged car from auctions in Japan and have us cut into pieces. All paperwork will be completed by us.

We will containerise bundles of used parts for export across the world. Using our own in-house transport, we are able to collect and deliver to ports for exports to the countries across the world.

If you don’t exactly feel like a recycled auto part fits your needs we can order both new and aftermarket parts for your vehicle.

We go even further by selling our very own inventory of used autos and trucks. We don’t want to be just another junkyard near me in your browser, we want to be your number one priority for all of your automotive needs. We just know you are going to appreciate shopping with us.

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