Month: April 2019

Why classic cars are so expensive?

Before we talk about the price, it is better to understand what a classic car is. The word classic according to the dictionary means:

“ judged over a period of time to be of the highest quality and outstanding of its kind”.

So what does over a period of time means? Generally speaking, if a car is 20 years old, is in a mint condition and true to the original design with no modifications at all, it is considered to be a classic car. Mint condition means no rust, no body damage, interior should be intact. But these factors are not enough to make a car classic or expensive. There are many other factors. For example, whether the car was originally manufactured as a luxury vehicle, how many units were produced and more importantly how much is the demand for such cars compared to the availability in the market.

Europe allows import of 35 years old cars from overseas and US allows cars that are 25 years old. Canada on the other hand allows import of cars that are 15 years old at least. The best place to buy and import such cars from is Japan. Low Mileage, Outstanding Condition, Clean Interior and No Replacements or Modifications whatsoever. You will be surprised to find that some of these classic cars come with original tires. Yes you heard me right.

Japan Auctions are the best place to hunt for such cars. Find a legitimate exporter of used cars who is a JUMVEA member, someone who can give you direct access to auto auctions. You select the car you like, you select your affordable price and your exporter will bid on your behalf. Upon the payment of small service fee, you can get it imported to any destination in the world.

If you need any advice on Classic Cars from Japan, email us for free consultation at: [email protected]

How to import a used car from Japan

Whether you are an end user realizing your life-long dream of owning a Japanese vehicle, or a used car dealer trying to save money on similar vehicle by importing it directly from Japan, the whole process of buying car from Japan and bringing it to your country can be fun and worthy investment of your money.


One important thing to note is that while there are hundreds of legitimate used car exporters in Japan, there are many who are scammers, who will take your money and deliver you nothing. For your safety, we suggest you deal with those used car exporters who are JUMVEA members. In order to confirm if a company is really a member of JUMVEA, you can verify their site by visiting JUMVEA website at: Visit the members’ section of this website and confirm if the export company you chose to do business with, does exist on JUMVEA’s website.

You can also email JUMVEA at: [email protected] and confirm the authenticity of a company you intend to deal with.

JUMVEA is an organization approved by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Japan and the purpose of its formation is to establish order of fair trade in the used motor vehicle industry. JUMVEA also has a SAFE TRADE system whereby you can pay money to JUMVEA instead of the car exporter. JUMVEA will keep your money safe until the car is shipped to you.

Once you have selected your genuine car exporter who is a JUMVEA member, next thing we suggest is to select the car you would like to import. Some companie keep ready stock while others give you direct access to car auctions in Japan to choose the type of vehicle you would like to import, and they can bid on your behalf. This way you can buy from fresh stock, displayed in used car auctions Japan, from huge numbers available to select from, while paying the right price + a small fee to the export company for proxy bidding and shipping.

We suggest to buy your vehicle direct from Auctions. There is nothing wrong with ready stock, but most of the times the stock is old, gets rusty with time, and a salesman will push you to purchase to get rid of his stock. While if you buy direct from auctions, you have complete liberty to choose the right vehicle based on your needs. There are more than 50,000 cars available for sale in auctions in Japan on the daily basis. You can certainly find what you need.

GAZOOBA is a legitimate car exporter, member of JUMVEA, that gives you free access to auction cars throughout Japan and feels pride in doing transparent business by charging you small amount of fee for its services with no hidden charges or costs. We do not charge Recycle cost nor do we include Sales Tax in the price. You do not pay anything hidden at all. Feel free to contact GAZOOBA for your automotive needs.


Toyota Rolls Out All-New RAV4

Toyota Motor Corporation announces the launch of its completely redesigned RAV4 in Japan and the start of sales at all nationwide Toyota “Corolla” and “Netz” dealers, and Toyota Mobility Tokyo, Inc. The first-generation RAV4 debuted in 1994, when body-on-frame four-wheel drive vehicles were positioned as off-road vehicles. The RAV4 would go on to play a pivotal role in the development of a new market for the passenger-friendly sport utility vehicle (SUV/crossover SUV). New models continue to be launched in the ever-expanding crossover SUV market. Based on creating a “Robust Accurate Vehicle with 4 Wheel Drive,” the new RAV4 development concept blends the power and
sophistication of an SUV, achieving top-class generous rear cargo space and outstanding driving performance realized by a new 4WD system. The elevated cabin design emphasizes passenger convenience, featuring easy-to-use open trays and cup holders. The latest Toyota Safety Sense preventive safety package comes standard in all models, and the available Connected Services offer a safe, secure, comfortable, and convenient drive experience.

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